Natural Hair Community Intellect

Lesley, grown up Girl Scout and blogger, at the Leifsdottir presentation in the Flatiron District.
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Kurlies, if you didn't know, YouTube is an awesome resource period. I swear, you can learn how to do just about anything on there. It's also great for the natural hair community. On there we share tips, techniques, styles, our hair journeys and what's working and isn't working for us and also spark thought provoking conversations and dialogues.

I was on my typical Saturday morning, natural hair video watching spree on YouTube and stumbled upon a vid by Black Woman Scholar: discussing the pros and cons of the online natural hair community. I liked her points and perspectives on the matter. So get intellectual with me, check it and share your thoughts! She disabled embedding the vid so please CLICK HERE to view it.


ChocolateOrchid said…
I enjoyed this vid. She had some interesting points. And I have to agree with her with online communities not valuing the relationship. It really sheds light on how people can easily get nasty with others or attack them online. And how people can hide behind their laptop or desktop and say things without restraint or respect. In that same breath, there are those that do develop a relationship with others online. So maybe is a personal perspective thing. *shrugs*

I guess my question is, How does an online community go about setting the overall standards for developing relationships with eachother? Maybe that's part of the "storming" process to which those boundaries and rules will be set.

Just my thoughts off the top.

Great vid! Thanks for sharing.