Natural OG, LadyKPNyc, is Back!

My favorite natural hair vlogger of all time is back! Ladykpnyc is an OG in the natural hair vlogger stratosphere and is the inspiration for many natural hair YouTubers now, myself included. She, CurlyChronicles, RusticBeauty, ItsMeHeatherNicole and and a handful of others at the time, circa 2008 and earlier, were a small and emerging sub-culture on YouTube then and revolutionized the ideas of natural hair care and styling. Natural hair vlogging wouldn't be where it is today without them, I'm convinced!

She ended her 2-3 year hiatus from YouTube today. I will be forever grateful to and for her because I learned how to care for and style my hair from her videos. Her videos had me excited to become a natural. I couldn't wait to try out all the techniques, products and hairstyles that she did. She really helped me to love and appreciate our hair texture and that there was nothing bad or unmanageable about our hair; we simply had to change our mindsets and hair care practies. I also can identify with her because we both have fine strands and hair of medium to low density so her videos really helped me out a lot when I was transitioning and hungry for information on how to care for my hair once I chopped the relaxed ends off. I am beside myself with glee that she is back! Her hair looks amazing.

Check out her channel and subscribe! She said that she will try to do a vid about once a week. Yay!


Tiffany said…
yes yes i remember her!!!! i couldn't get enough of youtube then. definitely need to logon and check out her lastest. and yes, already subscribed...
Brandiss said…
I am super late but Im glad she's back! She was the first natural hair youtuber I ever watched! *off to go re-subscribe!* LOL!

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