Naturals Can Use Hot Air Brushes Too!

I am a living testiment that we can. I absolutely adore mine (pictured above): Hot Tools Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush. Mine has two attachments. I use the concentrator nozzle attachment to stretch out my roots for quick volume and the brush attachment for an effortless blow out.

Don't be intimidated by the bristles of the brush attachment. I was at first but bravely tried it out and to my surprise, they didn't break my hair. All the hair that was in the brush were shed hairs.

I like that it's smaller than a traditional blow dryer and it dried my medium density hair with a soft and smooth finish in a short amount of time. In my experiences, this tool works best on damp hair that has had a leave in and "heat protectant" (I like grapeseed oil for my heat protectant) applied.

Where to Buy:
Hot Tools Anti-Static Ion Hot Air Brush
Price around: $20-27
Your local beauty supply stores, possibly: Walmart, Target, drugstores
Or you can get it from see below


Unknown said…
how do you use the blow dryer to stretch out your roots? that sounds like an option i'd love to have.
❤cherelle said…
I was so excited when I read this post!

This is the blow dryer that I used for my permed hair and I never see naturals use this tool. I assumed that is was now obsolete.

I'm so glad I don't have to buy a new one :-)