On the Wish List: Karen's Body Beautiful Super Silky

Product pusher alert! I will be doing posts of some products I want to try so I'm just warning you now, if you're a product junkie, you just may be influenced to add some additional products to your list. Lol.

Looks like this Super Silky by Karen's Body Beautiful is right up my alley. I really like my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk but I like to have options if I can't get my hair milk fast enough (I haven't found a brick & mortar location that sells it and when I order it online, it's takes 2 weeks to receive the product and I have to then pay for shipping.). This is a light moisturizer for those with wavy, fine, and/or medium density hair. Fine, medium density hair = MY HAIR! I have tried various products of hers with success (You all know I'm crazy about her moisturizing lotion) and am excited to give this one a whirl.

I figure I can moisturize with this product and seal with my shealoe mix. Hmm... Let's see what happens. I may try it soon b/c I am thinking of becoming a brand ambassador for her brand. I really enjoy her products and figure why not make some money off of introducing others to the wonders of her products. I have met her various times and she has a wonderful spirit and is doing something so positive for our community.


Unknown said…
i understand. i want to try her creamylicious and deep mask conditioner. hopefully i'll be able to score a good deal at the natural hair show in atl next month.
Tiffany said…
I'm noticing that that you're mentioning your hair density alot lately. (Perhaps I missed it in the past), Anyhoo, keep it coming!! my little girls is med to thin so I appreciate all the info in building a regimen for her.
Amina said…
I haven't commented in a while. I just wanted to say hello :) Your hair has grown a lot :)
I love the super silky! Actually I have to say that I prefer it to the hair milk!! It is amazing and very light yet moisturizing!!
I use it with the hair butter or the hair cream. Take care :)