On the Wish List: Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash

Naptural85 sings its praises to high heavens and I'm interested in seeing if I will too. It's an all natural, synthetic chemical ingredients free, hair cleanser. Think of it as bentonite clay minus all the preparation and mixing. I'm thinking about giving it a try once I use up my current hair cleanser, Dr. Bronner's Shikakai Soap, and my current bentonite clay stash. I like that they have a sample size for $4 so you can try it.

Check out Naptural85 's vid below on the hair wash:

Have any of you used it? Thoughts?

Where to Buy
Terressentials Pure Earth Hair Wash
2 fl oz sample size: $4
8 fl oz bottle: $10.75
16 fl oz bottle: $20.50


alldaynatural said…
This sounds divine, especially the Organic Cool Mint. I can feel my scalp tingling now, lol. Can't wait to try it!
NewRibena said…
I've been using the Lavender scent for about six months now. I really like it and find that my hair is really clean without being stripped. One issue I had though was the consistency. I found it difficult to squeeze or shake down in the bottle due to the thickness. Since then I have started mixing a tablespoon or two with water in a color applicator bottle and now am able to apply to scalp and roots then smooth down the hair shaft. I did not have much of a detox period as I do not use cones on my hair. I will reorder, but in larger bottles as I do not like the shipping prices.
Nayomi Pennant said…
Thanks for the share! I'm looking to invest in more natural products!

Unknown said…
I have the lavender one...and I LOVE it!! My hair is so soft and manageable after washing with it. So yeah, Naptural85 had me buying it too lol. But I'm glad I did
HolisticLifeRN said…
I have been using it for about 3 weeks now. I am nut as impressed as naptural85. It's amazing leaves your hair soft, clean, shiny, and it smells nice. No need for deep condish or leave in, the only thing I add to my hair after is homemade shea butter mix. This am I did a wash and was able to wash and detangle and shower in 30-40 minutes.
Anonymous said…
I have started using it and I love it, you literally do not need any more shampoo and conditioner. When I started using it, I actually thought of you and was like Milan would like this lol You should get it and you won't be disappointed.
Unknown said…
i've wanted to try this shampoo as well, however, i'm afraid that i can't commit to the detox period and therefore not experience the true benefits.
Anonymous said…
I make my own perfectly effective version - 1 tbsp of rhassoul clay to 200 ml of water plus a tbsp of ACV. It costs only a fraction of the price of terresentials.