Product Review: Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream

Let's keep this review short and sweet. A couple Sundays ago, I told you all I wanted to try this product. That following Monday, I went out and bought it and gave it a try. I applied it to my hair in sections and set my hair in braids over night. The product gave me a nicely defined braid out the next day.

- It smells great! (Like smarties or something.)
- Nice, light and creamy consistency
- Gave a nice hold without my hair feeling crunchy

- While it did give my hair a nice hold that wasn't crunchy, it made my hair feel a lil "weird". I don't know how to explain it. And I had the feeling that with continued use, it would build up on my hair.
- Not the most natural of ingredients: this isn't always a deal breaker for me but this time around it really felt synthetic

So, I'm not going to down this product. I simply don't like or dislike it. Maybe it will work better for other people's hair which is why I gave it away. No luv lost over here though. :D

Where to Buy:
Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream
6 oz jar: around $7
Purchase at your local beauty supply stores or


Unknown said…
yep, that was my experience as well. the product left my hair feeling, kinda, well, hmm, can't quite find the words, perhaps weird will have to do. and i definitely agree that product build-up would have been unavoidable.
yummy411 said…
i was curious about these products but for my locs.. if it gave u a weird feeling and that it would prob build up, i'm sure that's likely of the loc products!
WOW! I just bought this product 2 days ago. I live in Dallas, where the heat was 110 today. My curls held up, where on past days, it frizzed up. I received the most compliments on my hair being curlier. I'd washed it and braided it. My hair is thick, and very soft. One of my co-workers had to feel and she thought bout trying it. My hair didn't feel weird at all. With Kinky Curl, I tried a few times, and that was 17 bucks down the drain--I couldn't wait to wash it out. This on the other hand, I have had to use that much. I liked the shampoo too.
@MissDiggs said…
I used this while transitioning and didn't like it on my twist outs...tried it again after my BC and it was nice and soft after the 1st day but when i went to add moisture w/ TW curl sealer it created a residue. I used it again w/ Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 and same results so I will be giving it away to my sister. She has courser hair (mine is 3c/4a)
Anonymous said…
I had a pretty good experience. My hair is a 4a too. It keeps my hair frizz free and nice and soft.I tried the curl sealer too and i had pretty good results. I like using the same brand of product b/c they usually work well together. So I plan on using this brand as my main until i find something better.
- Newly Natural