Random Natural Hair Thoughts

* I don't think I care if my hair reaches waist length when stretched anymore. That's a lot of hair! I'd be happy with anything between BSL and MBL.....

* Wow, there's some serious animosity towards heat training (an explanatory post on this coming soon for those who don't know what it is.). If it's not your hair, what's it to you? It doesn't kill you. My goodness, you used to RELAX your hair for crying out loud!

* Natural hair a phase or a fad? Yes and no. For some it's a hairstyle like anything else, for others they're over relaxers and will rock the infinite versatility of hairstyles as a natural.

* I've reached natural hair nirvana. Luv my hair, luv my texture, luv my length, luv the styling versatility. I don't think I will go back to relaxing my hair.

* Natural hair meet ups are so much fun!

* Almost daily, I find another natural hair site. I love all the resources out there.


ChocolateOrchid said…
I so feel you on this animosity towards heat training or straightening your hair. I recently straightened my hair and thoroughly enjoyed it for its duration. I don't see the big deal. I will never get another relaxer but does that mean I should have a disdain for straight hair. Absolutely not.

It's simple. I enjoy my hair, playing in it & with it, and keeping it as healthy as I can.

And congrats on reaching hair nirvana!
marissa said…
how long have you been natural?
Anonymous said…
Nice post!

I used to have a problem with heat training but now I don't. My problem wasn't with the hair but the sociological meaning about it. I'm working on not judging other based on what they do to their hair and letting their words and actions speak for thier character.

I def feel you on the natural hair nirvana. I love my hair!
pulchri2dinous said…
I've noticed the heat training animosity as well.

*side note* Did you notice that you haven't updated the "my hair picture" since March 2010? lol
Monet Benoit said…
Thats some beautiful hair!

I gave you a lovely blog award. You can check it out at http://sweetevasion.blogspot.com/
Thanks :-)
Sherriann said…
I think that being able to go straight when I want is part of the appeal of natural hair for me. Versatility is awesome.

I've been natural for 10 years and I really think a lot of people take themselves, their hair AND other people's hair way to seriously.

I enjoy your blog because you avoid all that drama. Keep it up!
Jarmelia said…
I agree with you! If it's not my hair, I'm not worried about it. If someone wants to talk to me abt being natural, having healthy hair and all that we can chat but, I'm not here to convert all women to natural hair... I have bigger fish to fry!

We have got to remember that not everyone is focused on hair. Some people have other things to worry/think about...

sarah said…
"My goodness, you used to RELAX
your hair for crying out loud!"

AMEN!! it's almost as if doing the Big Chop gives one the license to criticize others. BC doesn not equal a PhD. #cmonson
Milan said…
oh my gosh, i just had the most surreal moment. i was searching around on heat training and came upon this post. i read it and felt extremely confused when i got to the bottom and said "Milan" had posted it... "What... how does this website know my name? I didn't post this! Is this a virus-site that puts my name on the page?!" - hahaha! My name is Milan too! I've never come across another female Milan so I thought for sure something fishy was going on. So cool to met another black natural Milan!! haha :) - Milan :)