Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes

This video from NewNaturalista: , shares what they feel are the top 5 mistakes a new or old kinky-kurly girl can make.

Some of the opinions I think are subjective/individual. There are many who can wear their hair out and  suffer minimal breakage and such.

On my list of the Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes:

1) Having expectations for your hair before you do the big chop. This can set you up for disappointment if you don't have the hair texture you envisioned or may have desired. Adopt the mindset that your texture, whatever it will be, that you will rock it out and stop traffic with it. All hair textures are pretty when well taken care of.

2) Not doing your research while growing your relaxer out and once all the relaxed ends have been cut off. There should be no reason why you should run out of methods, products and techniques to try to get your hair right. Keep trying till you find what works. Even God took 7 days to create the earth and everything in it! It won't happen over night, that's why it's so often called a journey.

3) Still feeding into the European standard of beauty: It's going to be hard to keep this mentality and like your hair natural. You will, more than likely, be conflicted and instead of loving all hair textures, you'll go back to relaxing or you'll keep it straightened not b/c it's an option or preference but because you feel that's the only way you will look nice. Make sense?

4) Obsessing over getting the perfect curl: Want the perfect curl? Get a wig or a weave. That's the only way you'll get it. Other than that, it simply doesn't exist. Nature does what it wants; not what's perfect. You have to come to terms with your hair and style from there. No one's perfect. Your body isn't even anatomically perfect! Why put that pressure on your hair? Lol.

5) Thinking the grass is greener on the other side: Please stop this. All hair types and curl patterns are beautiful and have their pro's and cons. Stop putting some over others. They're just different is all; nothing more, nothing less.

What do you feel are some natural hair mistakes?


Candice said…
Number 4 is my main issue right now:-/ Love this post!