What Does Your Hair Like?

{Image from Kwesi Abbensetts}

It's good to pay attention to what your hair likes- responds positively to. Once you do, you'll find that your hair will look and feel its best. My hair likes:

* Water: Many types of hair mists launch my hair into happy hair orgasms

* Shealoe: This is a mix of shea butter and aloe vera gel. I mix both 50/50 and add grapeseed oil; my hair eats it up with a spoon. It's the only way my hair will play nice with shea butter.

* Henna

* Oils: Like castor oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil especially. I mix all three into one oil mix.

* Aloe vera gel/juice and/or aloe vera gel/juice based products

* My homemade conditioning hair treatments

What does yours like?


Barbara said…
i'm still figuring this out and it gets so frustrated at times because i'm not sure how much diet & weather plays into how my hair reacts w/products. if i had to guess, i'd say that my hair like:

loreal sulfate free shampoo. i've tried many, many shampoos but none feels like loreal does. i keep coming back to it.

trader joes nourish spa conditioner. i'd even go so far to say my hair might even love this one.

kimmaytube inspired leave-in conditioner mix. i use giovanni leave-in as my base and i use castor oil & almond oil.

speaking of castor oil, i think my hair likes this too, as well as coconut oil.

i have yet to find a styling product or moisturizing product that works in between wash days. i'm thinking it could be a combo of products and how i use them. urgh. this is where i get frustrated. boo!!
Anonymous said…
My hair likes...aloe vera gel, honey, henna, ACV rinses and creamy water-based leave-in conditioners (with butters/oils and a humectant in the ingredients).
Kitshara said…
My hair loves:

Water: Best revitalizer and cheapest too.

Aloe Vera Juice: This is stuff is multi-functional. I wet my hair with it instead of water for shampooing. I mix it into my leave-ins, spritzes and I dilute my gels with it add a little moisture and take away from the stiffness.

Oils: Olive Oil and Coconut Oil year round and Castor during the warmer months.

Shea butter: I find that my skin likes shea butter more so than my hair but I still use it sometimes for twisting or braiding. It does a good enough job but I find that for me other products work better.

Conditioners: I haven't experimented with homemade conditioners in awhile (laziness) but when I BCed a little over a year ago my hair loved fresh avocado and egg mixes. For now I've been using Aubrey's Organics and Giovanni conditioners but I think I'll start mixing again to figure out what fresh ingredients my hair lives now.
Unknown said…
I'm sure of one thing: my hair like olive oil.For the rest, I don't know if it's good for me or not
Tiffany said…
shealoe - no extra oil - bloody brilliant! thanks for the idea.