Don't Sleep on Black Opal Stick Foundations

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I've heard celeb makeup artist, Sam Fine, and my girl (who's also a makeup artist) Kat: rave about the Black Opal Foundation Sticks. I now know why! They give a medium coverage without feeling like anything is on your face. A flawless and weightless finish for $10 at the drugstore. It doesn't get much better than that. Apply them with a foundation brush or draw a few lines on your face with it and blend out with flat top face brush.

I wear shade Hazelnut. I've been using the stick for about a month and there's no turning back for me. I also don't use it all over my face. I only use it on my uneven areas on my face so it provides an even more natural look. Most of the time people can't tell that I have foundation on.

Makeup enthusiasts, the shade Black Walnut is good to sculpt/contour with on anyone with complexions lighter than that stick; even women with "high yellow" complexions. The secret to using it successfully that way is to blend, blend, blend! I learned this trick from AJ Crimson's workshop last summer.
I'm getting all these sticks for my professional make up kit. They are good and the price is right.


Anonymous said…
Oh wowsers... This makes me wanna try it. I JUST spent $30 at MAC, this post coulda came a little sooner. LoL

Thanks for sharing!
Milan said…
I used to use MAC's foundation stick. The Black Opal is just as good in my experiences and costs less! #score :D
Looks idiot proof...maybe even I can try it....(gulp)
I'm always so afraid of getting the wrong color and looking like i'm wearing a mask.

kurlybella said…
this looks promising. between iman and black opal we have a few choices.

i just purchased l'oreal true match the other day because it's an oldie but goodie for me. however, i'd actually like to wear a black owned brand consistently to support the product. the problem is, there are NEVER stores where i can find this stuff less me having to drive 45 mins in traffic. *sigh*

thanks for this review though. now i want to try this.
Milan said…
Dani: you can return them if they are not the right shade for you. I had to. The first time I bought them, the shade was too light. I exchanged it for the next shade darker, which is the right one, with no hassle or questions asked. :D

Kurlybella: aw that sucks! I would think the LA area (that is where you're at right?) would carry them in their drugstores. You can find them at Walmart too if that's any help.