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If you don't listen to the Nappturalite Radio Show, please do (!) and support these enterprising women and what they are doing. These empowering shows talk all things natural hair related and include music and entertainment. They are well put together, informative, entertaining, thought provoking and include awesome guest co-hosts. They also have tons of cool giveaways all the time.Their most recent episode included Kim Love of Kimmaytube and Luv Naturals, and Chicoro, author of Grow It!. Many of our favorite natural hair personalities and entrprenuers, like Patricia Gaines; creator of Nappturality natural hair forum; and YouTube hairstyling favorite: Prettydimples01 (just to name a couple), have been co-hosts and featured on the show as well.

Tune in every Sunday at 6pm EST/5pm CST for a new episode at

Nappturalite Radio Show
Twitter: @nappturalite


This is awesome! Thanks for the write-up and thanks for listening to our show!