My Hair: The Latest

I haven't washed my hair is just over 3 weeks and I may or may not get around to washing it this weekend. I've been busy and lazy at the same time. I moisturize it when necessary, which isn't nightly that's for sure, and have been wearing it out in a braid out or up in a high puff.

I haven't experienced major build up or any negative effects actually. I quite fancy not washing my hair every week. Hmm......

Carry on kurlies. Carry on.


I have a toddler and a 4 month old; its rare that I do anything for myself on a regular basis! My hair get's washed when it gets washed - sooner if I've been heavy handed with oils and such, or if my son decides that he likes mommy's hair and wants to touch it - right after he's been eating his PB&J :-|
Some times I just go back to my college routine of a morning refresh my sticking my head in the sink bathroom sink - running some water over it, pat with a T-shirt, rub some grapseed oil over it - tie on a head band (read - random piece of pretty material I cut off of something else) and done - let's get the day started!
Shalea said…
Sounds like my routine. But Hey, that is the beauty of having natural hair. Keep it movin' as long as you give it some TLC from time to time. Our lives are pulled in so many different directions. Unfortunately our hair gets placed on the back burner at times. Keep it up, your hair looks good girl ;-)