My Hair: Think I'm Going Back to Paddle Brush

So I got the Tangle Teezer and had really good results with it.... But, I think I'm just going to go back to a paddle brush. It provides me with the same results and it has a handle. My only gripe with the Tangle Teezer has always been that it doesn't have a handle like traditional brushes. This may not be a topic of discussion for many but for me, holding onto it for dear life when I'm detangling with it so it doesn't fly outta my hand, is getting old. And my hand hurts.

I know it sounds trivial but it is what it is for me.

Product Image
Goody Styling Therapy Copper Styling Brush

No love lost though. It was only $10 anyhow. While I'm not rich, I'm glad that this wasn't a "costly" experience. So I am going to give my Tangle Teezer (cleaned and sterilized of course) to my co-worker/friend for her daughter's thick, coily hair. I think it's not as bad when using it on someone else's hair and not your own.

Next up: I plan to make flaxseed gel next month. Oh and I still haven't washed my hair yet. Going on 4 weeks now. It must get washed this weekend......


NewRibena said…
I ended up getting the smaller compact one since the regular one was challenging for me to grip. I try to switch up and also use my Mason Pearson detangling comb.
I actually remember seeing a thread about a video on NaturallyCurly where someone created a "handle" for their Tangle Teezer ... I thought it was really creative! It is basically sticking an elastic between the two parts of the TT so that the elastic fits around your hand. Maybe it will work better for you:



Hope that helped :)
Anonymous said…
LoL @ "holding on for dear life..."

I wish it had a handle too, but I'll keep working with it.