On the Wish List: Curlformers

I finally am interested in trying these out. The results I see on other's hair is always fabulous. I don't know how soon I will get them though since spring is here, which means more moisture in the air (and more reversion: not what I'm going for if I'm trying to achieve a specific curl pattern). So maybe come the fall, I'll be ready to purchase some and give them a try.

Are these on any of your wish lists? Have any of you tried them? What did you think? How do they differ from a flexi rod set or do they?

Sally Beauty Supply: http://www.sallybeauty.com/ $16.99 for a 10 pack, $60 for starter kit
Amazon - Click the link below for more info:


Nayomi Pennant said…
These are definitely on my wishlist after a diffuser though.

Unknown said…
Ebay has rollers similar to curlformers brand new with prices as low as penny I purchased two boxes and there is about 36 rollers all together. I can not remember the name of these rollers for the life of me, but I do know that I searched curlformers on Ebay
Im excited to see how it comes out for you being that our hair types are very similar.

I don't know how this fluffy curly look will look on me now, being that my hair isn't very long.

They are on my wish list. I will get them if I can get a new job. It's a gift to myself for getting a new job and getting away from the racist hair hating drama of a work environment that I am in now.
I recently purchased curlformers and I love them! I use them to stretch my hair for twisting/braiding. In my opinion, curlformers are easier to apply than rollers and are more comfortable to wear than traditional rollers and flexirods. Also, I don't have to worry about curlformers falling out while I sleep like I do with flexirods (usually at least one curl is disturbed when I sleep). You should give them a try!
Tashelle said…
These are definitely on my wish list. Everyone that I've seen who've tried them always has great results. My one year anniversary of being natural is coming up soon and I think these will be a nice gift to myself.
LoveNWright said…
I recently purchased them and am totally in love!! I even thought about giving away my red rollers used for rod sets and my flexi rods!! Once you figure out the method for insertion it is a brrrreeeezzee, taking about 20 minutes to do your whole head!!

I agree, with the summer coming = more moisture!! Case and point: I got my hair str8n and trimmed yesterday, only to walk thru the mall and poof be here! So, today I am going to try the cfs on my partially str8n hair. I've got a good feeling about this...

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Anonymous said…
I saw a bootleg version in the bss store in brooklyn for $4.99 a pack. Might give them a try.
Tim said…
I Love these colors
Daphne said…
I have these, but I did not buy the extralong (really should have), so make sure you buy the correct length. I use them on my daughter's hair (type 4b hair) and it comes out great. THey are a favorite!
Anonymous said…
You can get the extra long ones here for cheaper