Sustainable Hair Care: Lola's Green Hair

I love to see our people creating businesses and services that uplift and enhance our community. I'm totally impressed with what with creator and owner, Lola Zabeth, of Lola's Green Hair is doing. At Lola's Green Hair, you can buy or sell gently used hair care products. Instead of letting a product that was a #fail for you collect dust under your sink, why not sell it? You get some of your money spent back. Or on the other hand, maybe you want to try a product you've been hearing good things about. Maybe it wasn't so good to someone else and they're selling it on the site. You now get to try the product for less. It's a win win for both parties and I really dig that it encourages us to recycle and re-use; be less wasteful.

I have some products I want to sell on there that were "eh" for me. You should if you have some too! Please support this enterprising black woman and what she's doing.

Lola's Green Hair


Tiffany said…
That is wzup! I hope the s&h is reasonable.