The Transformation

<--- Hammin it up back in Feb '09

I'm thinking of taking this blog into a new, yet old direction and I'm not sure what exact direction it is just yet. I've been injecting more things and aspects into it. It will still cover what I cover now but with a different energy that I don't really know how to explain to you guys. I just know that somewhere down the line, this almost stopped being fun and I started to witness my passion for this blog dying.

I feel like for a period of time, I got caught up in wanting this blog to be some chic, nicely packaged, commericial thing and it stifled a lot of my creativity. I feel like I could have been doing so much more with this blog if I hadn't become concerned with trying to make it more commercial and comparing it so much to others. I started to care how many followers I had, how many hits I got daily and monthly, where all the hits were coming from. I just feel like after a while, my blog lost some of its authenticity and originality because I found myself subconsciously "competing" with other sites and paying too much attention to what everyone else was doing. Due to all these factors, I lost the point of this blog's inception.

This blog serves as a healthy and creative outlet for me. I want it to be that way for a long time.

So, I guess, sit back and watch the transformation. It's started already, actually. I look forward to this again because I'm no longer so concerned with it being "perfect" or neatly packaged. It's my blog and shares my adventures, thoughts and what lights a fire under me. I've got luv for what everyone else is doing but I'm done paying attention to what everyone else is doing. From now on, I'm focused on just getting back to sharing my creative stratosphere with anyone interested.


bluej said…
Good for you for getting back to YOU! You can't beat authenticity.
luv-4-self said…
Awesome! I read for the aunthenticity and can't wait to see what's to come.
LaNeshe said…
Do what you want to keep this blog a happy place for YOU.
Unknown said…
Yes! That's what a blog should be "authentic" and in your voice. After all it's your virtual home lol!
You have my attention, my sister! :)
yummy411 said…
yes i love that! these sentiments are something that many of us fight often.. but in the end you have to do you! ;)