Check Out the First Episode of Afro City

The Afro City episodes are finally airing!

{Video from Afrolicious TV}

All future episodes will be on the Afro City website: I couldn't be more thrilled and of course, you know you're diggin the hair and accessories. This show is criticizing the lack of black entertainment television shows by creating one. Please show your support. They've got mine!


Anonymous said…
FYI in Louisiana a person of African & French heritage is "creole". So simply put the character
Is Creole .
Milan said…
Hey Anonymous: This show isn't set in Louisiana so maybe that's why she wasn't referred to as Creole. I find that this term is really only specific to Louisiana natives.
vetty said…
I'll be watching :)
Unknown said…
hehe I love how she beat her ex "c'est fini" lol I will be watching. All that gorgeous hair!