Hairstyles I Plan to Rock this Summer

Outside of rocking my usual curly fro's, twist outs and braid outs, I plan to rock some of these styles this summer too. Oh  how I covet the versatility of afro texture hair.

LoNg CoRnRoWs (and big earrings!)

CrOcHeT bRaIdS (or try crochet kinky twists!)

FuNkY-rEtRo Up-Do'S

HiGh BuNs

Do I dare try MiNi TwIsTs again? My hair is longer these days......


BeULuv said…
I really like the style in the first pic. Look really easy on the up keep.
Anonymous said…
Yay to long cornrows and big earrings. Def on my summer style list:-)
Nika said…
love the cornrows!
Posh Culture said…
Yessss!!! to the high buns and funky-retro up-do's. I've been seeing a lot girls rocking the high buns lately. Its so perfect for the summer.. Lovely blog btw
Posh Culture xxx
Milan said…
Thanks for commenting ladies. I'm ready to have fun hair wise this summer. :D

Posh Culture: Yes, the high buns are all over the place here in Nyc. I luv them!
beautiful me said…
Im loving the conrow style the most! Love your blog!

BTW You have just recieved a stylish blogger award from me!! YAY!! Check the details on my blog.
DaBlackSjp said…
nice hairstyle!
perfect for summery time

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