I Have a New Blog!

You know me, the glutton for creative writing and blogging. Lol. So I've created a new blog that will replace my Styln N Profyln blog. The new blog is on the dark side aka Wordpress. I'm such a two timing hussy, I know. I just wanted something different. It's been quite interesting learning it, I've been a Blogger girl for so long now but it's all good.

The new blog is called Creatividual Workshops and I think you will like what it has to offer. It's basically picking up where Styln N Profyln left off and taking it to the next level, the black Martha Stewart level but with my twist on it. So if you enjoy things that involve crafting, sewing, cooking, needlework, decorating- anything creative stop by and stay tuned for more. I'll be posting up tutorials for how to create different things for your wardrobe, home, gifting ideas, recipes etc and also sharing things that inspire me, that I've created on my own and things I've seen elsewhere and have tried. The goal of the blog is to inspire people and exchange ideas; help tap into your inner creative being (making you a "creatividual"). It's brand new so give me time to get more content up. See ya there!


Tiffany said…
exciting...i will meet u there. i am on a quest to decorate my home...with doing as much diy as possible. can't wait to see what you got in the works.