The Journey for Jeans that Fit

I welcome you into my journey to find jeans that fit. Even as a svelte woman, I have curves (and thighs that rub together when I walk) and a butt that's not huge but it has a presence on my frame. Lately I've been having a hard time finding jeans to accomodate them. Going pants shopping has become a task filled with frustration when nothing can get past my thighs. But I press on because I need pants that fit and flatter me.

I was on one of my favorite fashion blogs, Natural Belle: and noticed that Ms. Belle (pictured to the left) had on a pair of slim, straight leg jeans that fit her nice from Japanese brand, Uniqlo: They fit her like a hand in glove. She looks to be curvier than me so I'm hopeful that if they can accomodate her fab curves they can accomodate mine too.

I also like that a lot of the jeans at Uniqlo look to be around $40 which is my limit on what I'll pay for a pair of jeans. I checked out the new Levi's Curve ID jeans but they cost around $70 and upwards. I don't value jeans that much to pay that much for them. I'd rather use that money for arts and crafts supplies. ;D

{Image from Natural Belle}


Anonymous said…
you know I'm digging this one here! I am a jeans addict, & I feel like all of a sudden, none of my jeans fit me either. Let me know how they work, & I'll look into them too! Good Luck!
Tiffany said…
Lucky Brand baby! I go at the semi-annual sales. I fit Classic tried and true, new designs, classic, different colors, classic. No changing the cut, just the style.