Links That Can Mac: Black Princesses We Should Know About

When most think of royalty, they think of the English royalty: Princess Dianna, Prince William, the now Princess Katie etc. After all, they are the most globally recognized royal family; everyone knows who they are no matter what part of the world you live in. I always knew that there were Black princesses out here in the world though. There just had to be! I always kept forgetting to research and learn who and where they were. Coco & Creme did an awesome article earlier this month giving us the scoop on some Black princesses we need to know about. These women sound intelligent and have accomplished many positive things. Check out the article HERE and may your chest puff out with pride.

I think it's important for little Black girls to see that we really can be anything, princesses included, and that we're gorgeous, celebrated and accomplished too. Be inspired. :D