Product Review: Denman D31 Brush

I was in one of my favorite beauty supply stores in midtown this past Friday, Beauty 35, getting kinky braiding hair so I could do crochet braids over the Holiday weekend (which never got done and now I have no interest to crochet braid it for the time being. *sigh*) when I saw that they sold Denman brushes. I picked up the D31 model because it has less rows and less teeth than the traditional, D3 model, Denman and spaced out farther apart than the traditional one as well. There is a lot more space in between the teeth, even compared to my modified Denman I used to use. The packaging on the brush said this model is ideal for (thick and) afro textured hair.

I gave it a whirl this weekend when I took my mini twists down and washed my hair. I like this waaaaaaaay better than the modified Denman. It didn't rip my hair out- only removed the shed hair, it has a handle and it did great at detangling and smoothing my hair. I like this model way better. This is a winner for me.

I like it better than the paddle brush which I thought was as good as the Tangle Teezer but not the case. So, no more paddle brush; I don't like them either. I think I'm sticking with this Denman D31 brush. Between this brush and my Magic Star Rake Comb, I should be good to go.

Oh this hair journey, right? One would think, after being natural for over 2 years, I'd have it all figured out but I'm starting to see, like anything else, we are never done learning and discovering. :D

Denman D31 Brush
Around $11

Where to Buy:
If you live in the NYC area: Beauty 35 - at the corner of 35th St and 5th Ave.


Anonymous said…
I love this brush too. Been using the smaller D31 for over 6 months. Saving my D41 for when I get a BAA. It has 9 rows instead of 7.
MiiSS kECiia said…
I have my review on this brush coming up soon! I love it too hands down won't use anything else...

- MiiSS kECiia
Janel said…
I'be been thinking about getting the d31 or d41 to replace my d3. Although I only use it to smooth my hair just before braiding or twisting, I think I'll have fewer split ends with a more spaced out detangling brush.