Summertime Feet: the Ped Egg

The weather has finally warmed up and it's officially sandals season. Wedges, flats and platform styles, LET'S GO! Ladies we can't step out with our feet just looking any ol kinda way though. Every girl should have a Ped Egg in her beauty stash to maintain their feet in between pedicures, I feel. They're not more than $10 and keep your feet soft and smooth by removing the dead, hard skin from your feet, especially the heel area which is very prone to getting crusty. We can't have crusty heels stealing the shine from your fly sandals!!! #imjustsayin

Walmart, Target, Walgreens


Tiffany said…
Perfectly stated: We can't have crusty heels stealing the shine from your fly sandals!!!
I don't have an egg, but I do gots a pumice stone.
Nicole said…
LOL so true! I love my Ped Egg:)) And a little shea butter goes a long way to help moisturize a crusty heal!!