Thinking of Trying a Wash N Go Again

I'm trying to decide if I will revisit it. I haven't done them frequently since my TWA days 2 years ago. I did one once last summer. I've decided to give them another go sometime this summer and if I like what I see and experience, I just may do them more often this summer. We'll see. My hair is much longer now and much more prone to tangling on itself. This is a journey though and I plan to make it an interesting one so I'm always trying, re-trying and re-mixing things when it comes to various techniques, hairstyles, methods, etc. I'm never done learning and/or playing.

I plan to to use Kinky Curly Curling Custard for the wash n go when I get around to it. I got some from a product swap with my kurlfriend, Kat: a couple months ago so I get to try it for free! Of course, I will do a product review..

In the meantime, I'm contemplating what I will do with my hair next. I'm washing my hair this weekend and am craving different things: a blow out one minute and then crochet braids or kinky twists the next! Oh how I covet the versatility. ;D

<---- Me circa summer 2009. Wash n Go's were my staples back in my TWA days. They were all I could do with that length basically. Lol. Look at those cute lil 4a coils I got poppin. Sometimes I miss those carefree, "short hair, don't care" days.....