Hairstyles: High Buns

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I'm sure you've started seeing fly ladies walking around with chic, high buns this spring/summer. I dig the look and it's great for the hot weather up ahead when you won't want any hair near your face or neck.  Check out SimplYounique's video below on how to create one.

Maybe your bun isn't big enough for your liking? Get a little help from a package of kinky, Marley bulk hair. Most use this type of hair for kinky twists but it works great for creating a textured bun that is similar to afro texture hair.

BlakIzBeautyful: aka Jenelle of has a great tutorial on how to do the high bun with added hair.

This style a great way to keep your ends protected; protective style. Just be careful not to wear this style all the time. As we know, buns can wreck havoc on your edges if worn too tight or too much.

Stay naturally fly.


Jc said…
Gorgeous video selection. I think SimplYounique has the best bun for my personal liking. I feel like the first pic is way too big. The last video is a nice size but is more work intensive.

Love the selection as it caters for every look!
Leslie said…
As many times as she wrapped her hair with that band, I see myself getting a severe headache.
Izabell said…
Milan said…
THanks for stopping by ladies!

I agree Jc. The density of my hair would never allow me to have a bun as big as that picture anyhow. Lol.

Leslie: I used Simplyounique's method to do my high bun today and made sure I didn't wrap it too tight. She had to wrap it so many times b/c that band is large since they are meant to be worn around your head. My hair is fine and no headaches. :D
Jesssimae said…
i think i'm going to try this when i get braids in because my length is just not there all around