In Review: Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel

I still haven't tried making my own hair gel just yet b/c the shelf life is very short for a homemade product like this (if preservatives aren't used and ). I still may in the future but with my hair decisions changing at the drop of a hat, I need a product that lasts a little longer if I don't use it all up in a timely fashion.

So I decided to go commercial and just try to find a gel that had mainly natural ingredients. I liked the Aubrey Organics B5 Design Gel that I had tried when I first went natural but hated the way it smelled. The scent was nauseating so I had to give it up shortly after purchasing it. I've heard some naturals talk of the Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel. I like that it says it gives a medium hold. So let's see what we get. A review coming soon.