Music That Can Mac: Whatchalookin@ by J*Davey

Guess who was at the J*Davey New Designer Drug tour concert that kicked off here in Brooklyn? If you guessed me then you're right! Yes, this past Tuesday night I was at Southpaw to be in the present at their performance (and can I tell you, us kurlies were in the BUILDING! I luv Brooklyn, man. We go hard out here.). I've luv'd this band for years but this was my first time seeing them perform and it def won't be my last! The show was beyond awesome and left me so inspired. So in remembrance of their recent visit here, I present you a new song off their upcoming album:


Note. This was footage from one of their performances on their New World Culture tour back in March/April, not the one I just attended.

Have a great weekend kurls! :D