My New Method to Squeezing Fitness into My Active Lifestyle

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 Like most women, I struggle with keeping fitness a constant in my life. I'm great for 6 months, slack off for 6 months and the cycle repeats and keeps going. I'm trying, yet again, to make fitness my boo for the long haul and not my jump off. Lol. I think I'm onto something and came up with a plan that suits my current lifestyle.

Quick snap shot of my current life:

  • Single
  • No kids
  • Get home from work late; our office closes at 6 so I don't get home from work till about 7p or so
  • Very active and involved lifestyle; I'm not home very much 
  • Doesn't like to get up super early to exercise
  • Doesn't like to exercise too late in the evening
  • Doesn't like (to work out at) gyms
Where does one find a way to work fitness in with a rap sheet like this, right? I'll show you how: I work out for 10-15 mins a day during the week (and at least 20-30 mins on the weekends). It's better than nothing and you'd be surprised what you can accomplish in that short amount of time daily.

Because my weeks are hectic, I don't get home early and I don't own a gym membership; I save my cardio for the weekends. Saturday and Sunday morning or evening, I do some kind of cardio. These days it's power walking for 20-30 mins (I have to figure out what I will do in the winter about this though.) and do yoga afterward to stretch and get centered. I'd luv to get into tennis or volleyball, they're great full body workouts. One great thing about living in NY is that I do a lot of walking during the day so that helps in my quest for staying active and somewhat fit. Monday through Friday, I do 10-15 min of basic exercises and  a short resistance training routine (using resistance bands)  or yoga routines in the morning. If I'm feeling up to it, I'll do an additional 10-15 mins in the evening when I'm home from work. I'm working on getting more in the habit of doing yoga routines in the evening that help me wind down and relax before bed.

Monday - Friday I don't exercise for more than 15 mins.

Basic exercises include: 1 set of crunches, oblique crunches, push ups, squats and calf raises. I used to incorporate lunges into this too but it was causing me injuires. Either I was doing them incorrectly or my legs just don't like them. Come to think of it, I've always disliked lunges, even in my high school track days.

Note. I am not a doctor nor a personal trainer. This is not professional advice. This is simply giving you a glimpse into my fitness journey and a way to inspire you to get creative with how you find ways to work it into your schedule.

This is working fabulously for me. There is totally no excuse for me anymore. I have 10-15 mins to take care of myself every day.

What types of workout schedules are you guys on?


Kitshara said…
We have very similar lifestyle profiles (active,no kids, single, city living, work until the evenings and off on weekends). I've been struggling to get back into shape. I'll try your approach and see if it works out for me. Thanks!
love.joi said…

I am also an NY'er and recently went on a guided hike in my nearby park. I think they have them at Central Park, and all the city parks. That was pretty cool. I too am looking for off the beating path ways to stay active.

all the best...;-)
Entice Diamante said…
I'm super busy myself, so I know how hard it can be to fit a workout in. I enjoyed reading this post. I'm enjoying your blog thus far. I will be following!
Milan said…
I'm glad the post was interesting to you guys. Because this topic is always a battle with me. Lol but this has been really working.

Welcome Mizz Entice. Glad you're diggin it over this way. :D
mangomadness said…
This post gave me the push to stop messing around and start excercising regularly. I'm a college student with summer job so I have some free time.

I made a fitness schedule inspired by your plan: Every day I do 30 mins of cardio (bike riding, jump roping or jogging) and basic excercises daily (push ups, bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, crunches and oblique crunches). I also hula hoop while listening to music or watching TV cause it's so much fun. :)

Thanks again for this post!
Milan said…
Hey mangomadness, I'm glad that this post was inspiring. You just inspired me to pick up the hoola hoop again. :D That's a great workout tool.
nubiannapps said…
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