Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet Great for Preserving "Out" Styles

Anytime I walk into a Walmart, Target, etc I always have to breeze through the hair and cosmetic aisles. It doesn't matter what I originally came in there for, before I leave I have to check out those aisles. And my most recent visit to Walmart was no different when I strolled down the hair products aisles and stumbled on this.

My first thoughts, when I saw this was that it reminded me of the Pretty Wrap. My only issue with the Pretty Wrap after a while was that I realized it was too small. This realization's interesting because I have a small head. Lol. It just seemed that it was better for those wearing their hair in straight styles and I don't wear my hair straight. This satin pocket bonnet is better for me because instead of an elastic band around the front, you can tie it and adjust to your comfort level. It's made from satin material and the sack is very roomy; I still have a lot of room left which is great as I'm still growing my hair out. Because it is a sack shape and not a bonnet, it didn't cause my hair to draw up in the back.

It's soft and comfortable to sleep in and when I woke up the next day, all I had to do was shake my hair out, fluff to my liking and my day 2 [two-strand] flat twist out looked just as good as the day before! This is great for preserving your "out" styles like braid outs, twist outs, wash n go's, etc.

Stay on Satin Pocket Bonnet
Colors Available: Assorted
Price: $2.27 at Walmart
* I've also seen Stay on Satin products at Walgreens

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Anonymous said…
LOL @ "stays on all night so you wake up right!" I'll be on the lookout for this!