Good Hair Day w/ the Curly Fro

One day in particular last week, I had a perfect hair day. I was rocking a Curly Fro and it came out so good, I didn't want the day to end for fear it wouldn't look perfect the next day.

* Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk
* Kiss My Face Upper Management Styling Gel

I employed the curly fro method (was made popular by Dr. Lisa Akbari), which is, essentially, putting your hair into two-strand twists, rolling each twist and tucking it into your hair. If you need to see this explanation, check out the tutorial below by Curly Chronicles. This style is super easy to create and creates a lovely kurly set.

I used the gel sparingly for each section before twisting to give the style a little more hold than if I hadn't used it. I let this set overnight and then in the morning took the twists down with my fingers lightly coated in grapeseed oil and fluffed till my desired look was achieved.

Most days are good hair days but I luv when I have perfect hair days. :D