Kurly Directory: Darker than Brown


While at The Coil Review cocktail party last month, I met lots of fabulous ladies. One of the them was Nneka, a vivacious kurly who has a natural hair meet up group here in New York where monthly meet ups go down to hang out (they go to mixers, out to eat, various kurly events, etc.) with other fellow kurlies and do what else, talk hair, products, tips and regimens. Please stop by and show her sight, Darker Than Brown, some luv as she takes you along her hair journey and shares information on natural hair care.

I like her Week in Review posts where she shares what she's done with her hair and/or learned about it for the week. This is inspiring and encouraging for new naturals or those new to taking better care of their hair.because it's important to make notes of what's working and what's not so you can take control of your hair's destiny accordingly.You know I only share positive places with you guys, so check her out and follow if you like.

Stay naturally fly


Great information. Thank you.