Maid of Honor Hairstyles

So my sister is getting married next month and I'm the MOH aka maid of honor. She's not a huge fan of natural hair and even though it is her special day, I made it quite clear before she even tried to mention it that I'm not straightening my hair. She said as long as I wasn't rocking "slave plaits" (yes she is awful sometimes. lol) she didn't mind that. I've been brainstorming some ideas and thought I'd share with you where I'm drawing some inspiration from. I know I'll probably end up doing some kind of flat twisted up-do because they are pretty and hold up nicely. Plus in the August, Cincinnati heat, it will keep my hair out of my way.

Napturally Curly's Flat Twist Pin Up-Do (I've done something similar to this before so I may revisit it)

keke52284 rocks a really cute do on this vid

I'm going to try these hairstyles before hand to see which one I like best and will commit to.


Rasheda said…
My sister is the same way. She calls my two strand twist cotton pickers. *_0 I'm sure what ever you decide will be beautiful.. =)
Candice said…
lol! @ slave plaits. I like both of those styles a lot!
vetty said…
I'm going to have to revisit this. I'll be in my cousin's wedding this weekend and am looking for something else to do with my hair. The last wedding I went to I did a Janelle Monae-ish type of updo...might go back to ol' faithful lOl.
Milan said…
Vetty: You can never go wrong with the J. Monae 'do. :D

Rasheda: You feel my "pain"! Lol.

Candice: Hey miss. Yes, sometimes family members are just terrible. Lol. I like both styles a lot. Don't know which one I'll pick or if I'll go for something else altogether. STay tuned....
SweetFeet said…
I like Napturally Curly's flat twist updo better. My brother is getting married on Friday and I've been wondering what to do with my hair.

I love your blog Milan!

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