Mixtress Chronicles: Made a New Hair Mist

I made a new hair mist recently. I had been abandoning using a mist as of late but remembered how much more moisturized my hair stayed when I would lightly mist it before applying oil or a moisturizing product like my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk.

This latest mix consists of the following:

- Water - My mists are always mainly water. I'd say this mix is about 80% water.
- Grapeseed oil - My hair loves this oil to bits n pieces
- Honey - About 2 long squirts of it. I love honey and add it to just about all of my mixes. It imparts great sheen, softness and moisture to my hair.
- Lavendar Essential Oil - Just 4 drops for a little fragrance. It's a little too strong on its own though. I may have to add a couple drops of another essential oil to tone it down some.

The essential oil is totally optional. You don't have to add any if you try out my mix. As always, you all know, I don't measure anything and eyeball everything. It's 80% water I'd say and like 19.8% grapeseed oil. The honey and essential oils are so minimal I don't think they even qualify for a percentage. That's just me though.

I like this mix. I mainly mist my hair at night when I'm moisturizing it and braiding it up to keep my hair stretched. I'll probably use it on my hair before I pre-treat my hair with my aloe vera custard on wash days too.

I may to stick to this mix but you all know I rarely stick to the exact same mix. I'm always tweaking and trying different ingredients the next time around. Some get their thrills from gambling, extreme sports, etc for me, some of it is mixing. :D

Happy Mixing.


Sanni said…
what are you using the mist for? when are you using the mist? I heard raw honey works best any hair diy products
Tiffany said…
You are really starting to sell me on adding some honey to my mixes...
Milan said…
Sanni: I use it for a multitude of things. I most commonly use it at night to give my hair a lil moisture boost.

Tiffany: Yes, I luv me some honey. It's done great things for my hair. It's the bees' knees. Lol.
Anonymous said…
Where are u at mixtress? Its 2013. Need some more mixes. Happy New Year.