Mixtress Chronicles: My Lastest Shealoe Cream

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I recently made a batch of shealoe cream. In my past mixing experiences, with this type of product I usually don't make it exactly the same as the last batch. The skeleton of the recipe always stays the same but I'm always adding or trying something a little different to see what I get. Here's the recipe for the latest batch:

* (ivory color) Shea Butter
* Aloe Vera Gel: Any brand will do. I usually use the J/A/S/O/N brand. I used Lily of the Desert brand this time.
* Oil of Choice: This time I used Coconut Oil (I'll probably try avocado or a blend of avocado oil and grapeseed oil next time.)
* a quick squirt of Honey: This step is totally optional. I just luv honey so I like to add it to a lot of my mixes. Honey imparts moisture and sheen for our hair texture.

I didn't share any measurements because I don't really use them for this type of recipe. I just kinda eye ball it. First I whip the shea butter alone with a hand mixer (because I don't have a standing one). It's been hot as Hades here so the shea butter was already soft enough that I didn't have to warm it up to soften it. Next I add the oil and whip again. Then I pour aloe vera gel and whip it again. I keep adding aloe vera gel till I get the creamy consistency that I like. Lastly, I add the quick squirt of honey and whip one last time.

In my mixing experiences, I've found that when you whip it like I explained, it yields a more fluffier mix than when you dump everything in at once and whip it. So that's it. I used it to twist my hair with this past week. I rocked twists all week in up-do's and took them down this weekend.

I like twists on me when I pin them up.

Here's how my twist out came out.

Excuse the "glowing" face. It was soooo hot the whole weekend.

I used Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar (leave in) underneath it and I just luv the results and my hair feels incredible. A full review will be coming soon on the Hair Nectar.

Stay naturally fly


Unknown said…
Love these recipes, this sounds really good and looks creamy too. Loving the necklace in the first pic btw.
J.S.M. said…
Do you whip it with a hand mixer or without one?
Tiffany said…
Your twistout came out great.