Music That Can Mac: Siraj Nuri

Happy Friedy kurlies! We made it to yet another weekend. This Friday I want to share with you a new artist, Siraj Nuri, that I just recently learned of. Thanks to my girl Essense Vibez. :D I saw her perform live last weekend and it was phenomenal. Her vocals are wonderful and the band was amazing! I snapped pics and got some video footage of the performance so once I get everything edited and together, I'll put the post up by next week (I'll work on it this weekend.). The beautiful Siraj Nuri has rhythms that blend the likes of jazz, soul and hip-hop. Her voice is all jazz though. Its a cool blend. Check out her mixtape, Land, and download it for free HERE.

If you like what she's doing, please support her and if it so moves you, donate something to her kickstarter campaign (I made my donation!). She's raising money to record her first album which she would like to release spring 2012. PLEASE SUPPORT GOOD MUSIC! It's out there, just gotta look for it and stay up on my Music That Can Mac features every Friday. :D

Have a great weekend chicies and stay cool. We're having a heat wave in NY and I haven't even CARED to wear the fro out. It's too damn hot!


~EssenseVibez~ said…
she's awesome---and thnx for the shoutout, Love!
Anonymous said…
wow great blog dear lovin the natural hair.