Nutricious Can = Delicious with Food Heaven Made Easy

Episode 1: $10 Meal Time from Food Heaven Made Easy on Vimeo.

I first learned of Wendy and Jessica of Food Heaven Made Easy over at Black Girl with Long Hair and was instantly impressed, excited and hooked to see two women of color promoting healthier eating and providing ways to do so. Both are nutritionists and in school for their Masters in this field so they know what they are talking about. Bad nutrition is a universal issue, especially here in the States but obviously since I'm a Black woman I take a particular interest in the health of those that look like me. Many of you all probably saw this already since a lot of my readers are BGLH readers but if you aren't then this post is for you.

Check out the article HERE that BGLH did on them and visit their website I plan to try this meal they made in the video very soon; maybe next week or so. It looks like a great summer dish and I luv me some kale. Yes, I'm one of those people that actually likes vegetables. I like what these young women are doing and they have my support. I'll be watching/following. :D


Hi Milan,

This is Jess from the Food Heaven Show. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your email, post and kind words. We really appreciate all of the love and support!! We may have an idea for a future show you can participate in about raiding people's kitchens and making healthy food with what they have (don't worry it will be fun!)


Thanks again for reaching out to us!


Milan said…
Hey Jess! It's my pleasure. I'll always support people doing positive things especially in our community. I'd love to raid people's kitchens. Lol. I emailed you back. Just let me know what I need to do and I'm there!