On Track to Reach BSL by December

Me circa 2009 shortly after my BC: Mini Twists
looked good worn down when I had a TWA.

So my current goal is to reach BSL, when stretched, by this December or at least have some lead hairs there so that I can maintain it there most of 2012 till the rest of my hair catches up. I trimmed my hair recently and am revved up to reach this goal. Some hair in the back is very close to BSL now actually. I have about 5 more months so this goal is totally attainable I think. Isn't it crazy that come this December I will be natural for 3 years? Man, time flies. It's been a rollercoaster ride but I wouldn't trade it for anything. I luv my hair, occasional bad/frustrating hair days and all.

I've started keeping it crazy simple with my hair. I rock small to medium size twists (take me 1-2 hours to put in) pinned up in the Fly Girls up-do during the week and take the twists down on Friday's to rock a twist out for the weekend. Sometimes I blow my hair out prior to twisting and sometimes I don't and just twist on damp hair, it just depends on the mood I'm in. Either way I use my homemade shealoe cream to twist with.

This crazy simplicity is working great for me. It's getting hot and makes sense to employ hair styles that are low maintenance and keep hair off my neck and out of my face. Plus with my busy schedule during the week, it's great to get up and not have to figure out how I want to wear my hair. It's that get up-n-go hair. ;D


Cool Congrats on your journey. I'm also trying to readh BSL by December. I will be 2 years natural/curly on 9-9-11. I haven't had a perm in over 14 years but I did cut off all the damage and started with about 6 inches of hair. Been curly ever since. I really hope to reach BSL as I think I am at my terminal length of Full APL right now and have been there for a long time. I guess we shall see. I'm going to be bunning for growth, doing my same wash on sunday, cowash on wednesday and testing things for my YT channel (Tastiredbone) What are you going to be doing to get to BSL?
Congrats I know you can do it. Hope you can post more about your journey.