Be Back Soon

So you may have noticed last week my posting was sporadic. I was out of town all last week for my sister's wedding (one down, two of us left!). I had a blast, ended up on some adventures, of course, but am exhausted at the same time. Being the maid of honor is fun but hard work! I'll share some pics of how I wore my hair for the wedding (I had to seriously improvise because I couldn't do what I had planned!) and a hair salon horror story soon. So stay tuned!

It was nice to spend the week with my family. I love them so much and even though we all would have liked to kill each other at various points of finishing up this wedding, we always have fun together. Being in the Midwest for a break always leaves me feeling rested, refreshed and recharged. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled writing soon.

In the meantime, check out LuBellaCoils' latest video from her The Physical Transformation series. Some segments of my Please Stop Comparing Your Hair to Others vid were featured in the video! View it below:

I was so humbled that she reached out to me to use some of my vid to share a message with people. We are all in this together. Make sure you subscribe to her channel if you aren't already. Her channel rox! Be back soon!


Love your points about comparing your hair to others - a naturalista could go bonkers doing that! No 2 strands are alike, do what works for you and keep it moving.