Brazilian Waxing: I'm Ready to Take the Plunge

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Kurlies, I think I'm ready to try this. I have never gotten a brazilian wax done before. I think I have a pretty good threshold for pain so I'm revving myself up.

I didn't know where to start as far as where to go. I knew that I wanted to support a black owned business if I could and I remembered that Karen's Body Beautiful has a spa now and they offer this service. So, I'm going to schedule an appointment with her spa in the near future. I've met Karen several times and she's fab, makes great products and genuinely takes pride the products and services that she provides so I want to patronize her business.

When I call to schedule this, I have a few questions about this whole procedure:

* How often do I need to get the waxing done?
* What type of wax is used? I've heard some people use chocolate waxes, etc...
* What type of care do I have to take before and after the procedure?

I've been doing some research on my own as well. I think I'll be ok but fear I will get hooked to these! I'm interested to experience this and will share my reactions and observations about it. I'll also write up a review on the spa and the customer service.

Brooklyn belles, what other spas do good Brazilians for an affordable price?


Miss Mox said…
You have to get it done about once a month. The more often you get it done, the slower (and finer) your hair grows back.
Waxes vary- it really depends on what your waxer is comfortable using. Mine uses two different waxes- one is honey brown and one is purple... without getting too graphic, one is for the outer regions (thighs, stomach, etc) and one is a hard wax for... lips.
As far as what to do before, nothing extraordinary. Shower and head on over. There is a gel that you can put on afterwards to avoid ingrown hairs and irriation, but I just use the oil that my waxer makes available and I have not had any issues.
Hope this helps!
Hot, Black and Bitter
Unknown said…
I have been waxing since August 2009 and I LOVE IT! I get a full brazilian about every 6 weeks. I posted some tips about it a while back here:

The tips are in the comments. You will get addicted. Just make sure that you take a Tylenol or pain med BEFORE you go. It helps!
Savannah said…
Good luck Milan! Ask if they use hard wax or soft. Soft wax uses strips (similar to eyebrow waxing)and there are no strips for hard wax. I prefer hard wax.

You also may want to take an aspirin before the procedure because it will hurt and you will bleed. It's only because the hair is being removed from the root.

HairItIs said…
I've been getting waxed for years. While I am used to it, it will always be unpleasant to some degree. I find that I usually need to get waxed again after 4-6 weeks. The two main types of wax are soft wax (which is wax to which muslin strips are applied to remove the wax + hair) and hard wax (which is often called "stripless wax," because it hardens on the skin and is removed on its own without any muslin cloth). Some estheticians use a combination of both, depending on what area of your junk they are working on. Before waxing, I may trim if I think I need it, but not too much other than that. Afterward, if you are prone to ingrown hair, you will want to make sure you exfoliate your skin often to prevent it from growing over newly emerging hairs. I used to also use topical remedies to prevent ingrowns (there's one made by Bliss, and another popular brand is Tend Skin), but these products are often high in alcohol, and were too drying to my skin, ultimately. Nowadays, I'm just diligent about exfoliating.

Hope that helps!
luv-4-self said…
Funny that you should post this, as I am getting my first brazilian on Thursday! I've been playing with the idea for quite some time, but I'm headed off for vacation next week, so I figured what the heck! I'm a bit anxious, but I simply cannot do anymore research on this. After all, experience is the best teacher! ;-)
sarah said…
i haven't gotten a Brazilian in a year and i miss them! you can definitely get addicted.

the first time was pretty painful even when she used the hard wax. i bled a little bit. but as i started going more (i went every two months) she exclusively used the soft wax with strips because my hair was getting finer i guess. my recommendation: wear sweatpants, either take some Tylenol OR drink two glasses of wine. i prefer the wine because it lowers your inhibition altogether so you don't feel as uncomfortable about being naked, you're a bit more chatty, and it doesn't hurt as much. one session, i didn't even flinch once because the wine was working wonders and i was used to going. HTH :)
MochaNapps said…
I love getting my waxes done. What I've learned from my waxer is that, because we are black and our hair is curly, we suffer from ingrowns more. And ingrowns normally come from razors soooooo, waxing it is! I was like you too, wanted to do a Brazillian the first time because I was about to do a fashion show. She thought I was crazy to want that for my first time, lol. So instead, I get regular bikinis where she takes a lot off...but not enough for it to be a brazillian. And that is a-ok with me, lol. Good luck! If you aren't good with pain, take some excedrin or something like that before you go to help with the pain. As someone said though, the more you go the lighter your hair gets and the easier it gets. I go every month and I don't mind throwing down the $25 for it either. It's gonna suck when I graduate. Im gonna have to find a new person, lol.