Going to Try Harder to Buy American

We, Americans (should be) are aware that our economy is still very shaky and part of that is because we import everything. We no longer "buy American" and are at the mercy of other countries for almost all of our goods, natural resources, etc; we are not a self suffient country anymore. Scary, right? It's bananas. Practically everything is made in China and they are so rich off of it. I think one of the ways we can help heal our economic wounds is to start buying American again and keeping more of our dollars in our country by encouraging and supporting more American made goods. With keeping things in our country comes increased costs though but I've decided to start just budgeting for it b/c I'm starting to feel some type of way about this and I was taught to be the change I want to see.

I've balked about the prices of American made brands like American Apparel but I've just got to get over it and maybe can only buy one thing from there per visit/month. Etsy is also another great place to find tons of American made, quality and hand crafted goods. I understand those with families may be giving me the side eye.... I understand when you've got a family to support, you've got to stretch each dollar as far it can possibly go but I still think that it's important we support our own in some way, shape or form. I'll be researching more made in America brands and sharing them. I think it's important we take responsibility in the downfall of our economy as well as the building it back up. We can't blame the government for everything when we have votes, dollars, voices and choices.

Do you buy American? If so, what types of things do you buy? Maybe my next car will be American. My dream car is a Range Rover. That's an American brand, right? If it's not then you know how little I know about cars. Hahaha.


Savannah said…
That is a great idea to buy American whenever you can. I think in general we as consumers need to be more aware about where we spend our money and how companies use the money we give them. No one wants to buy a product from a company they though that they could trust then find out that they club baby seals or use sweat shop labor. Concious consumersim!
pulchri2dinous said…
Great post! I look forward to more like it. My whole house drives Fords, in fact, we know the dealer! I became enraged with this "Made in China" stuff when I went to Jamaica (my family is Jamaican) and saw that practically every store was owned and or run by Chinese people! Everyone thought it was okay, but I was so sad. I also so this when I went to Spain. Whenever I wanted something and was unsure of where to buy it the locals would say, "go to the Chinos".

I have nothing against Chinese people, but I would like to see us stop focusing only on getting things "for cheap" and focus on quality and the effect it has on our children and grandchildren. I will spend more to support my own people, because by doing that I am investing in myself and my future.
lasophia said…
I agree. I have almost completely stopped shopping retail. So that means Im buying used clothing from my fellow Americans. Also creates less waste.