My Hair is Going Bananas: Rolling with the Punches



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Might give up and wear my hair like this 24/7 if I don't get it back on track! {Image Source}

So you saw my recent post about this a couple weeks ago but I feel that I need to vent about it some more.

My hair is goin bananas. It's really changing and I've had to take a step back and make some adjustments. I've been thrown off on how to keep it moisturized, it tangles like crazy now and it's too hot (and humid) to wear it out all the time. My hair regimen is simple but I really want to get it even simpler (like to prep my hair for bed each night, I throw it into 2 french braids).

This need for simplicity may limit my use of my hair wash. I haven't figured out a way to make a large batch of it and preserve it properly so I have to mix it for every wash. This may not sound bad, but it really sucks when I'm traveling which I've been doin a lot of lately. Other places aren't always mixtress friendly. I don't plan to banish my hair wash but I think I need a standby hair cleanser that I like (and I'll just have to do an ACV rinse afterward to get the same affect as the hair wash).

I'm over using gel to slick back my edges. I'd rather find a nice pomade that doesn't give me too uch build up instead.

My hair has been tangling like a mug; air drying in braided sections has not been its friend as of late so I may be washing my hair less and blowing it out (2x per month) to keep it super stretched and tangle free. I gave my hair a trim not too long ago so I think it's just that it's getting longer and going through changes.
I also think that I need to start applying my leave ins to my hair wet. I normally apply them to my hair damp but it's making my hair feel weird now so I've gone back to applying on wet hair now.....

I think I'm about to banish twists on my head for good. They just don't play nice really with my hair. I can't let water touch them or that's an instant guarantee that they'll tangle so I can't mist them for moisture. And even when I don't let any water touch them, they still tangle. Not to mention they still only look good worn up on me because otherwise they look scalpy and sparse (unless I do them super small and that still won't work because I can't really moisturized them now without experiencing tangling!).

Man, I'm so ready for the day when I can prep my hair for bed by just putting it in 2 french braids and then can style in some easy, chic up-do's the next day. Maybe if I do go back to blow drying 2 times a month, I'll be able to do this.

I don't know kurlies.... I'm in a different head space these days. I need low maintainence, simple styles that are age appropriate and that I feel fly in. I think I'm becoming lazier? The longer that I'm natural the more my mindset on things evolve. Yeah, this is def off topic and needs its own post.....

With this re-adjustment of things, I will be re-evaluating all the products that are currently in my rotation. I may have to do a complete overhaul. I think most will stay but some things that aren't performing anymore will have to get gone and I will introduce new products into the mix. Welcome to my journey to longer lengths! Things are changing!

Hope everyone was safe this weekend and my east coast kurlies didn't suffer too much if any damage from Irene. Thank God it wasn't what they initially projected.


Savannah said…
Hey chica, good luck with your regi/routine overhaul. It can be challenging but you've made it this far so I know you can do it!
s.perry722 said…
Hi! I've been a lurker for a while and I'm finally beginning to comment! I am having the same issues with tangling! My longest layer is about 1 inch or so from arm pit length and the longer it gets, the more tangles I'm experiencing! My question is: What will you use to protect your hair when you do blowouts because I'm definitely considering doing that two times a month as well! Great post!
Don't get frustrated! Be patient and your hair will love you back soon enough!
I'm planning on picking a handful (4-5) of protective styles to rotate during the fall/winter and let my hair out for a day or so between styles. The style in the photo is officially added to my rotation