Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Leave-In

I got a sample of the Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar Leave-In in my goodie bag from The Coil Review cocktail party. I've used it quite a few times now and am ready to tell you what I really think about it and how it works with my hair. I'm going to start prefacing reviews, when I do them, by giving a recap on my hair texture. It may get annoying to my usual readers who are familiar with what kind of hair I have but we have to be considerate of any newcomers or those passing by that may become usuals. Ya feel me? So....

- My Andre Walker hair type is 4a
- My LOIS hair classification is: Fine strands, Spongey, Medium density, High sheen, Softy and Frizzy/Fuzzy
- My hair texture overall can be described as: kinky and coily. The very sides and the front are looser like wavy/loose curls. It's annoying (I wish they were all the same kinky, coily texture!) but that's another post...

I feel the need to share this so you can get a clear view of why or why not my hair might like certain products and maybe it will help you figure out if it would work for yours.

The first time I used this, I really liked it. Had my hair even softer than usual. The consistency is light and creamy, has a great scent and it was easy to evenly distribute the product. As I continued using it though, I started not to like it as much. With this summer humidity this leave in causes my hair to shrink up at a higher rate. I don't like this because when my hair shrinks up, like most kinky kurlies, it has a tendency to tangle on itself. I don't experience this as much with the Kinky Curly Knot Today. So I know I said in my initial review that I liked it more than the KCKT but after more uses, I don't plan to stray from my KCKT.

The hair nectar has slip but not enough I started to see after a while. Lots of slip in any leave in I'm using is crucial for me because I detangle my hair AFTER I've washed it most of the time. This product also has glycerin in it which may be a culprit as well as to why my hair got over it quickly. The more in tune I become with my hair the more I realize, yea it tolerates glycerin in small doses but at the end of the day, it really doesn't like glycerin. I'm starting to think glycerin isn't a girl with spongey hair's friend. My hair already adores water, I don't think it needs the extra help to absorb moisture from the air.

I think this is a good product none the less but it's just not for me. My hair responds best to glycerin free products. My hair has spoken and I've got to listen. I think if you have thirstier hair of a medium density (because in my opinion, I'm not sure this would cut it for kurlies with thicker hair) that dries out easily or that doesn't mind glycerin, this may be a good leave in for you to try.