Book Review to Come: Hair Products 101 by Chicoro

I really dig Chicoro's simple and effective approach to hair care. Her book, Grow It!, is my hair care bible still to this day and I reread it often. I'm late and didn't know that she came out with another book recently, Hair Products 101. I enjoy reading, learning and supporting Chicoro. In my encounters with her, she's been very down to earth and her practical and simple advise in hair yields results. I will be purchasing this book soon to add to my hair care library and once I finish reading it, I will share with you all my thoughts.

Have any of you out there read this book yet?

If you're interested in reading it with me, email me ( and I'll set up a chat/discussion thing of some sort. If you like the sound of that, get your copy from below and let's do this!:


Coilybella said…
I love the book. She encourages you to know the science of hair and your own hair, use the knowledge to select the most suitable products for your hair. I will be having a giveaway starting today. It is not posted on my blog yet. I have three copies , so if you are interested , you may enter the giveaway
glamazini said…
I have yet to read her 1st book, but it's on my list. Maybe that will be my next read since this business book is boring me to tears. Thanks for sharing.