Hair Lessons Learned, Wisdom Earned: Sweet Almond Oil

Leaves me with a greasy mess of strands that won't go away till I wash my hair. x_x

It's best that I use SAO for my skin (my skin LOVES it) and if I need to seal my hair with an oil, just stick to my grapeseed oil.

I'm just starting to realize that I really don't need to seal my hair anyhow. Oils easily build up in my hair. On some rare occasions I may need to but usually my Bee Mine Deja's Hair Milk does the trick keeping my hair properly moisturized and sealed. :D

What have you learned about your hair lately?


Rasheda said…
I rarely use oil to seal my hair. I just spritz it with 100% Aloe Vera Juice (with a little Veg Gly inside) and keep it moving. Oil builds up in my hair so if I moisturized and sealed EVERYDAY by the end of the week I would have a wet dog look to my hair and that's a NO GO.
Justme_Kellie said…
Still figuring it out...*sigh*
It likes mango/olive butter, but really shines with hair lotion like doo gro. I haven't read the label on that yet, i'm sure it's bad beause it feels so good! Lol
JenJen said…
I don't use any oil because I get that greasy dirty look after two days. I just leave my conditioner in and maybe some aloe vera gel if I want some coils. But oil is only used for deep conditioning to be rinsed out. In the winter I might use some vitamin E. Good luck!
Trini Krys said…
So far my shea butter has been doing the trick for my hair. But I have to co wash more often.
Trini Krys said…
I like sealing with shea butter whipped with some of my fav oils.