Kurly Directory: Fro Stoppa


I found another cool kinky-kurly hair site and have to share it with you: http://www.frostoppa.com/. When I first found her site, I stayed on there for a couple hours reading post after post and looking at the pictures; I couldn't stop reading! She shares great natural hair tips, hairstyle tutorials and styles she creates with her hair. I've taken a liking to her site because she does a lot of hairstyles with twists and keeps her regimen and staple products simple. I'm really determined to make twists a fly part of my lifestyle and hair routine. They're just so simple and easy! My life has become so active (I'm never home I feel like) that I need "fly on the go" hair. So if you love twisting your hair or want to get into wearing twists, this site is especially very inspirational. I've gotten some hairstyle ideas from GG that I'll be putting my spin on in the near future.

So go check it out. Stay naturally fly. :D


Anonymous said…
I love her blog & hair, she also has a youtube channel.
Justme_Kellie said…
I did too. unfortunately i found it while on my cell and didn't bookmark it and couldn't remember the url when I got to my pc.
Thanks for posting, she has a great blog and great hair.