LOA Thursdays: Daydreaming is Cool

The Law of Attraction encourages daydreaming. Dream up the life you want. Maybe for you, it's traveling 90% of the year or becoming a successful blogger ;D . Maybe it's having your own farm or working from home. Put pictures around your place and on your computer that represent the life that you want. Daydream about this often. Yeah, I said it, daydream often. The more you think about what you want from your life, the more situations will line up to get you the life that you want. Now in order for this to work, you must do your part and do things to help the process along but your job is to act like you have the life you want already, be thankful for it already and let God and the universe work out the "how" it will come about.

Part of my dream life involves being the beautiful, Black American Domestic Goddess that my paternal grandmother was and adding a modern twist that is appropriate to the times that we live in now. Born and raised in North Carolina, she could BURN in the kitchen and was the homemaker extrodinaire. Looking at old pictures, man, she made it look fabulous. People loved her cooking, dinner parties, etc and she delighted in feeding people and seeing them enjoy good meals. She stayed fly, could do laundry and fold clothes like a pro, kept the house spotless and my dad and his siblings always looked good and were well taken care of. I have always wanted to be similar to my grandmother. She was just so fly to me. So I daydream about cooking awesome meals for my future husband and our children. I also daydream about hosting great dinner parties and successfully running my future household (with the help of my hubby of course). I like to feed people and like my grandmother, I delight in seeing people enjoying my creations. With each meal I cook, I'm getting closer and closer to cooking as great as my grandma did and that makes me feel so good!

When you daydream about your dream life, what does some of your life look like?


Justme_Kellie said…
Wow, you described my mom and both grandmothers! I too strive to be that. I also would like to be able to travel more and afford to take my children with me. I'm working on that being a possibility with new business ventures. I'll just keep seeing that town car picking me up at the end of my work day and soon it will actually be sitting out front..of my own building! Great post!!
HairItIs said…
What a positive post! I tend to avoid thinking about my dreams and goals, because I dwell on the things I haven't accomplished yet, and fear that my dreams will never materialize.

But, I really like this idea of letting yourself daydream so that the path to achieving your dreams actually has an opportunity to present itself. This really cheered me up, and I needed it today. Thanks!
Milan said…
Yes! Thanks for chiming in ladies! HairItIs, yes, you must focus on what you want to achieve so it will find its way to you and stick to you. I'm glad that I could help cheer you up some. :D

MissKroberts, girl, that towncar will be picking you up every evening from work sooner than you know! You GO girl! :D