LOA Thursdays: Meeting the LOA Halfway

So in the past few LOA Thursdays, we've talked about creating vision boards, overhauling your thoughts to a positive frequency about things like money and daydreaming often about the things you want out in and from your life. These are all great steps forward. The other important component to getting this way of life to work for you is to then put some action behind it. You've got to meet the LOA halfway; meaning you've got to do your part. It's not enough to just want it, you've got to do something that puts you in the position to get it! It's not enough to want to marry your dream man but you aren't involved in any activities and live on your couch every single weekend or work 24/7 and never do anything fun and in social settings where you could meet people. Your actions must coincide with your thoughts.

I will share with you my journey of how I got to New York City. I was using the LOA and didn't even know it back then..... 

I graduated from The Ohio State University and majored in Textiles & Clothing with a concentration in Product Development in June of 2005. I had big dreams of landing this ill job in the garment district of New York City right after graduation. Thanks to Bush (and the Bush administration) ravaging the economy, it was hard for me to find any job right away back then and I had to move in with my parents, who had moved to Cincinnati (right after I graduated from high school in NY), for about a year and a half. I wasn't too happy with that; Cincy's conservative and couldn't offer me the life and environment I wanted to be in. I wanted to work in the fashion industry and live in the fast pace, hustle n bustle of NYC so bad! I applied for jobs with no responses or was told they would only place me if I live there already. I was heartbroken and cried many a days. I couldn't just move to one of the most expensive cities in the world with no job lined up first! I was a broke, recent college graduate who couldn't even find full time work and was temping.

So I got creative. I have family here. I would apply for jobs and, with their permission, I used their mailing address on applications and my resumes. I also visited numerous times and would set up some interviews with recruiters acting like I had just moved here and was looking for work. Well, my creativity paid off. I visited for a few days for my birthday back in late October of 2006. I remember being on the plane to NY and I got the gut feeling something good was going to happen. I did my usual visit with family and go on some interviews. I had 3 interviews and got offers from all 3! I went back to Cincinnati, packed as much as I could and a week and 2 jam packed suitcases later, I was on a plane back to NYC to start a the new chapter in my life that I had so badly wanted. I am living one of my dreams! Do you know how cool that is?! I try to harp on this every day. I am living one of my dreams!

You may get discouraged sometimes because your dreams may seem so immense and almost impossible to you. My dream to get to NYC sometimes felt too big and often I got scared that I might have gotten stuck in Ohio and miserable. But that's what so cool about the LOA, if you get creative and find ways to meet it halfway, YOU GET WHAT YOU WANT! It always comes about in a way that you didn't have planned out in your head but it's always right on time and a pleasant suprise. Be encouraged and get creative, what you want is on its way to you.

What dream do you have the seems so big? What things do you think you can do now that will put you in a place to get it?


Alta Angel said…
I love your story! I, too, have brought about most of the things I wanted in life simply by a)speaking like I already had it, b)by writing my goals down and c)posting the goals on my mirror and reading them daily. I didn't realize at the time that I was using "faith activation" to bring about my dreams. Now I understand that all my blessings come from God. So I still do all of the above, but I seek His will first and praise Him no matter the outcome!
Savannah said…
Thanks for sharing your story Milan! I learned a lot about LOA or "Universal Blessings" from my Mom. She taught to ask the Universe for what you want but also begin to brainstorm and work towards your goal as well. I recently uncovered my life's purpose (to empower others to know and love themselves using movement, specifically dance and yoga) and have been mulling over adding yoga to my life for that purpose. Yesterday I ran into a friend who I haven't seen in years and she told me about a scholarship program for people of color to learn yoga and become certified instructors, once they become instructors they spend at least 100 hours teaching yoga in the community. It's exactly what I have been thinking about. It's amazing how much you can receive once you put your positive energy out there.