LOA Thursdays: The Money Chant

Money DOES grow on trees!

Say it with me: "Money comes easily and frequently".

Say it till you believe it. Loral Langemeier talked about in The Secret (page 106) how, growing up, he was taught that you had to work hard for and struggle to have money so he shifted his thoughts and came up with the quote above to think into existence instead. I say this everyday at least once a day and while I'm not a balla YET, I'm increasing my financial stability and prosperity as each day passes. Unexpected income finds me when I'm not even paying attention. A friend recently gave me $5 that she owed me for something that I don't even remember. I said to myself right before that incident that I needed to get some cash so I could do my laundry. Womp, there it is! Creating wealth is a mindset. Obviously, there are other things you have to do to generate wealth and we will get into that later but your life and every day events start with your thoughts.

What are your attitudes toward money? Remember, you attract what you think about. Your thoughts are powerful, choose the right ones to harp on.


Trudie Boe said…
I guess I have to watch my words and thoughts from now on....like dis post...u shd do more of these...pretty inspiring....:-)
Nicole said…
This post was right on time sis, so glad I read it!