Music That Can Mac: Baby by Brandy

Happy Friday! Happy Friday! This weekend, I'm taking it back. Back in the 6th grade, I adored Brandy and down right wanted to be her. I loved her voice. She's an alto just like I was. I thought she was so cool and pretty and just the ultimate teenage, Black American beauty. I had the mini backpack purse like her, the bubble coat and long, jet black braids. Her tape, yes TAPE!, Brandy stayed in my walkman. I had a crush on this 8th grader back then and everytime I heard "Baby", I thought about him. I don't even remember his name, lol, but I thought he was so fine back then! Lol. So join me back down memory lane with this and have a great weekend! 


Entice Diamante said…
I used to love this song too! I think it's still on my Zune (which I can't use now that I have a Mac!)
by the way, i found you on BGLH