Product Review: Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditoner

I'm slowly falling for the Organic Raw Shea Butter collection in the Shea Moisture line. This whole line has argan oil in it and it's really making me want to try this oil alone in the near future. So far each product I've tried from it is doing my hair lovely. I'm already attached to the shampoo in this line, it's official, and now I really like this Restorative Conditioner. It's creamy and goes on smooth, has excellent slip for detangling and when I rinsed it out; it left my hair feeling very soft. It smells just as good as the shampoo from this line. Shea Moisture if you're reading this, please sell that scent (as a solid perfume please)! I love it and have been told by men that it smells "intoxicating". ;D

The ingredients are great, the scent is great, the price is great and the results are great. This could mess around and be a staple! The instructions say that you can use it as a leave in too. I may try it like that in the near future.

The Deets:
Shea Moisture Raw Organic Shea Butter  Restorative Conditioner
Where to Buy: Target,, or Walgreens
Price: around $10 for 12 fl oz

Vist the Shea Moisture website:


Latoya said…
I am in LOVE with that line too! I just tried the conditioner as well and instantly fell in love. I deep conditioned and used it a as leave-in and worked so well for my blow out. I'm realizing that a heavier leave-in is perfect for maintenance of moisture when heat styling. I still love my Giovanni Direct-leave-in, but I'll use that for wet twist outs when I'm laying on more product.
Savannah said…
I use this as my staple leave-in and cannot even imagine using anything else! I love the scent, the slip, and the way my hair feels after wards. I prefer it as a leave in v. a rinse out but my hair loves anything thick and creamy.
Coilybella said…
Love it as well. Effective and affordable!!
Nichole Naomi said…
I did a post about the SM Moisture Retention Shampoo. It left my hair crazy soft and has now become a permanent staple. I just tried the conditioner last week and the same goes for the conditioner. I love them both and the prices are right up my alley.

Nichole Naomi
Anonymous said…
I too love Shea miosture !!!!! I got desperate a couple weeks ago when my local Target ran out of the miosture retention shampoo. Consequently, I ended up buying another shampoo with Argon oil in it. Bad decision !!!!! After a couple of washes my hair feels dry and is starting to break off. I don't like to waste but I will not be using this shampoo organix with Argon oil again. Back to the tried and true Shea miosture.
latoya said…
Ive been going natrual sence march hair is very thick but not curly .. would this give me curls? Also what could I do to make my hair more manageable ...I'm lost lol
Nichole Naomi said…
The curl enhancing smoothie would work better for you and give you curl definition and the smell is delicious